Message from the President Kimitaka Sohdai

Contribution to Society and Environment through “Waterproofing ”.

“Waterproof materials” protect roofs and balconies of buildings from water erosion, and it is becoming ever important as the modern architectures becoming more sophisticated with integrated features, becoming “smart”.

Nisshin Kogyo was established in 1922 as the pioneer in manufacturing of waterproof materials in Japan. Since then, for over 90 years, the company has been well received by customers, with the merchandise such as asphalt roofing with the brand name of “Maruesu” and “Kappa”.

Our company has always been trying to make best products incorporating the latest technologies, already made technical
exchanges with overseas companies in the early years of the Showa period. We have also been active in recycling and efficiently utilizing the available resources, producing recycled paper as the base material for roofing, and establishing a fully integrated production system from base materials to roofing products.

As the result of years of our efforts, our company has now grown to a manufacturer of broad range of waterproofing materials, with the wide support from the construction field.

And we believe that manufacturing with “environmental” consideration to be vital, not just the quality of the products.

In recent years, numerous issues with global consequences have been raised, such as the global warming, energy efficiency and the ozone layer depletion, and manufacturers of waterproof materials as our company also need to respond to such issues.

Our company considers environmental issues as our corporate matters, and has developed environmentally friendly waterproofing asphalt, as well as other materials with environmental considerations, such as non-CFC thermal insulation, heat reflective coatings, various waterproofing materials, etc. We also handle green roof system and various goods and materials related to solar photovoltaics. We are always striving to provide new environmentally friendly products through waterproofing.

We hope countless buildings we worked on will remain valued as important architectural assets, and we are also determined to continue providing “reliable materials” for years to come, which are environmentally friendly, will extend the life expectancy of buildings, and will contribute to realization of low-carbon society.

We would like to ask for your further support and guidance in the future, as you have kindly given us so far.

取締役社長 相臺公豊

Nisshin Kogyo Co., Ltd. President

Kimitaka Sohdai